So I completed my first UDK Development Book, onto my next one!

I would have some more examples from my previous book, but I didn't take pictures before I deleted the source code I created. I do however have some images of my Unreal Script Practice so far. The first image is the first gun I modified. It isn't much besides it fires a rocket every 1/10th of a second. I never played with UnrealScript before, but it is a very powerful system. I feel much more comfortable with UDK than I did a month ago. Compared to Cryengine I feel that I have a much stronger base, and in less time than I spent with Cryengine.

Below is the interface of Visual Studio that I use to program Unreal Script with nFringe plugin. This type of workflow is very nice, I also enjoy not having a forced login when I debug in the launcher or editor. I just press the icon and it loads. In the case of debugging I press F5. The entire process of compiling everything and running the debug window for UDK is all done automatically.

The source code above is from the book I'm currently stepping through, I'm around 30% done the book so far and I've been able to create what is seen below. It doesn't look like much because it's a still image and it isn't really much in terms of a game, but it's more than nothing! I do feel this book has a better grasp on Unreal Script than my first book because to change the camera the first book had me go to a bunch of different classes and change a bunch of variables and extend new classes. In the end the word I did didn't work, even when I copied the code verbatim from the source code given with the book. Regardless I'm on a new book and I'm learning more in depth what I can do with Unreal Script and how it all works together.

Anyway this is all the preparation to starting on the development of Infectum later this month. Almost all the pieces are in place and we can get to work on the game. I'm excited and that motivation is driving me to read all these books! I'll keep everyone updated as we start the next phase of development so like our

Thanks for reading!